Thursday, October 11, 2007

Link Dump

Good lord, I'm lazy. Here are some fantastic things that have happened on the internets:

Rudy Giuliani's Secret Debate Weapon - turns out, it's that he's a liar. I'm sure that comes as a shock to the two wives he cheated on.
Madonna leaves Warner after 24 years - $120 million? Anyone who's listened to her albums recently raise your hands. Not so fast, Imaginary Drag Queen.
Congress drafts resolution honoring Brett Favre - eh. It's not for Redneck of the Year, so I'm not really interested.
Ann Coulter - "We want Jews to be perfected" - wow, thank you Ann. And I was worried I wouldn't hear something whacked-out insane from you this month.
Radiohead is putting their fancy boot up the record industry's ass. Join them.

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