Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'll Take Encyclopedia Britannica, Thanks Very Much

Sinister Wikipedia edits

Things I would edit in Wikipedia if a) I cared; and b) had nothing better to do with my time:

How Jesus’ nickname changed from Jeenie Weenie to the Son of G-d (hint: it had something to do with the IPhone);

List of animal rights violations committed by my neighbor’s eight-year-old son Felix against the cat that lives across the street;

The details of Microsoft’s involvement in WWII Norwegian internment camps;

The existence of Norwegian internment camps during WWII;

Icelandic folktales based on the Voltron mythology;

The brutal oppression by Native American tribes of early arrival British dandies (whatever happened to Sir Rollo the Effete?);

Karl Rove and philately: the REAL 9/11 conspiracy.

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