Thursday, October 22, 2009


OK, that last post sucked. It was angry, mean, and not at all funny. So I apologize to you, the last 4 readers I have.

I'm still not apologizing to Grossman and Gershon, though. They're permanently off my Arbor Day card list.

In the meantime, I'm the Guy with the Office that Smells Like Soup. I brought soup to work today (a fine, hearty vegetable soup - quite delicious) and for some reason I thought it would make the trip from home to office in my work bag without spilling.

I was wrong.

Now, my bag hangs on my door, inside out and reeking of acorn squash and turnips. My entire 4X4 office is awash in soupy aromas. It's comforting, but also weird. I'll just add it to my list of weirdness. I'm now the Guy...

Who is Really Sarcastic? Or Maybe Just Angry All the Time?
Who Crosses the Line
With the Messy Desk
With the Weird Music
Who Writes Inappropriate E-mails - Funny, But Way Inappropriate
Who Doesn't Root for the Steelers
Who Loves Beef
Who Made that Gross Bird Inside a Bird Inside another Animal

and now, I'm also the Guy Whose Office Smells Like Soup. So yay, right?

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Sam Adams said...

Keep reaching for the stars you crazy diamond.