Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Me fail English? That's unpossible!

Remember when I said that I got the Apple i-...thingy? And it was fun, because it's...good?

I'm not so shure anymore.

Cawse you can put gaems on it, and I bawt a game called beg- bezh - bejeweled, where you move things near other things and then they explode and yay! there are more things, and that's good, because it's fun.

I lik to play the game, and I play lots. LOTS. Some of the times it takes many minuts to play a game, and then it's late, and I'm tired and I yawn. Like now. Where I work, in my work room at my work place, I yawn, and people look at me.

So its good, and its' fun, which is good, but I think there's another thing. I think I usd to be better at talking and thinking and riting. Wife helps me with my laces, but I bought velcro so now it ssscccrrraaaappppes, and that's fun. But Wife says that I used to know my laces, and now I dont, and that's sad for her, which is not good. She says my Apple is a bad. That is not good because she is Wife, and has smart.

So I am try to play not more, and maybe I will find the smart again. Is it under teh bed? Nooooo. Is it in my hair? Noooo. IS it in my Apple? NOOOOOO.

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