Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Remixed by DJ Hackett...

On my dope, whacked out new album, these are the folks I want dropping 16 bars on some hot waxed tracks:

For the social conscience songs, that speak to the soul of the streets:

1) Lauryn Hill (vague anti-Semitism be damned)
2) Mos Def
3) Boots Riley
4) Killer Mike (you know, he's a college graduate)
5) Common, for the white folks
5a) El-P

For the gangsta style, when I want to glamorize slinging rock in the ghett-o:

1) Snoop
2) Nas
3) Wu-Tang, in this order:
a) Ol Dirty Bastard
b) Method Man
c) Ghostface Killah
d) the Genius
e) Rza
f) Raekwon
g) Masta Killa
4) Eminem
5) Nate Dogg

For the crizzizzay nutty business:

1) Busta Rhymes
2) Pharaoh Monche
3) Andre 3000
4) MF Doom

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Gila said...

Arica sent me the link to your blog and I thought I would say hi and to let you know that I'm gonna read this!