Monday, September 17, 2007

Bears, 1-1

Bears win, but it only counts for half in the standings because they beat the Chiefs.

And given the happy-day-for-all carousel that is NFL coaching, and affirmative action-style hiring meant to assuage the guilt of excluding black coaches for years, what exactly does Herm Edwards have to do to never get hired again? Eat a live puppy, after raising it to fight other little puppies? Use his own grandmother as a bathmat? Molest a child on the 50-yard-line? We may never know.

Urlacher sacked a QB for the first time since 2005, and Lance Briggs congratulated Brian on finally becoming half the defender Briggs is.

Cedric Benson rushed for over 100 yards for the first time, although stats will reflect his output as 75 yards – again, the Chiefs factor.

Rex threw 2 more interceptions, but they count for 8, because he shouldn’t have thrown the ball at all.

In other news, Devin Hester shall be the father of my children. Another PR for touchdown, and a second that set up a field goal. I say fire the Sex Cannon and let Benson and Hester run the option all day long.

Thomas Jones ran for just 67 yards for the Jets. Not because he’s worse than Benson, but poor Tommy forgot that the AFC is the good conference, where they play solid run defense. Who knew?

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