Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Terrible, Terrible Confession

I'm going to admit something, and it's really embarrassing. I'm ashamed to state this, but in light of the Yi drama, and the Mo Williams contract, this is something I have to say.

I am a bad Bucks fan.

FreeDarko's Dr. LawyerIndianChief makes an interesting point about the Bucks, and their relationship to the overrall status of the NBA. If he's correct - and let's assume, arguendo, that he is - then I may not only be a bad Bucks fan, but I am also a bad NBA fan.

I love good basketball. Smooth transition offense, lockdown defense, absurd athletic achievement encapsulated in a split-second freakish outburst, like, say, 5'9" Nate Robinson handing Yao Ming his nuts. But what I cannot abide is poor passing, selfish play, and no effort - ugly basketball. I can't watch it, can't support it. And too often the Bucks have embodied this hideousness, or worse, they're simply boring. I don't make a point of watching them, I keep an eye on their stats, but if Michael Redd - maybe the league's finest example of function over form, a plain unpleasant and uninteresting scoring machine - drops 50 one night, am I going bonkers, and flipping my Sidney Moncrief jersey at random passersby? Nope.

Can't I still love the league? Maybe. I can be post-team like the FreeDarko ilk, I guess, but that just seems like a cop-out. Especially since I'm so hard up for the Chicago Bears. Sure, it's a different sport, but that's the thing about being a fan. You have to support your team, through thick and thin. Otherwise you're just an observer, enjoying performance art. And no one buys Miranda July's new Nike AirForce kicks.

Back to the NBA: if the Donaghy thing, after the nonexistent trade excitement - Let KG go! - and the crappy regular season, puts me off pro ball, then I am not sticking up for it through thick and thin, I am in fact dropping it like greasy marbles.

I don't know how I feel about all that. Maybe I should go watch more crazy highlights and sort it out.

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