Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just let me laugh in peace, you fascists!

I have a problem.

No, you know what? Screw that noise. I don't have a problem: all of you have a problem. I simply am more attuned to the daily joys of my life.

Here it is. When I think something is funny, I laugh. Is it a crime? Why must I bear the witheringly arched eyebrows of fellow coworkers, or Wife's bemused smile? Look, if we're going to watch Weekend at Bernie's, then I'm going to laugh. Andrew McCarthy is HILARIOUS.

Friends have said that, unlike me, they don't laugh out loud at the TV when no one else is around. What is that? I need an audience to giggle at The Office? Well, I have plenty of people around me at work, and they don't seem to appreciate my barely concealed laughter. And pretending I'm coughing doesn't really work unless my fellow attorneys think I've contracted the famous - and endangered - whooping cough. I can't speak for all of them, but there are at least...two? Three? that aren't complete morons.

But what, you may ask, am I laughing at at work? Aren't I spending interminable hours reading medical journals and e-mails between German biochemist lovers? In fact I am, and none of that is worthy of chuckles.

So I have to sneak the funny in through my headphones. I stole I mean paid for the download of Stephen Colbert's book, and let me say, he's a funny man. So funny, in fact, that he makes me snarf my apple juice. If, you know, I drank apple juice. Which I don't. Because I'm not 6.

Finally, there is the third category of things which I find side-splitting - the jokes I make to myself. Silently. In my head. Wife has the Dalai Lama's patience with this little idiosyncrasy because you know what? I happen to think that I am a laugh riot. A thrill ride of comedy, if you will.

I know. None of this supposed hilarity actually makes it here, to where you're trying to read it. I'm sorry about that. If, though, you lived inside my head, you would be laughing non-stop. Because therein I connect all the useless knowledge I have compiled, and much of it is quite humorous.

An example. Right now, Jon Stewart is interviewing some old political writer. He reminds me a little of the old guy from The Wedding Singer. You know, the one who makes fun of Adam Sandler's friend? Challenges him to a fight? Great tiny scene in a decent movie.

See, right there? I laughed out loud. But you couldn't, because you weren't in my head. And that's the upshot - the party? The one you're missing because you're too busy doing whatever it is you do? It's all up in my dome. You know you want in.

So, you know, get on that.


Hamburgler said...

I think there was a TV show about you...

Ali said...

um...this really has very little to do with your post but i have a friend, a really close friend who is in his 30s and is a friggin' doctor...and he drinks apple juice. and i laugh every time he drinks it (in my head, of course)