Monday, June 23, 2008

And now for something very special

How many times have you thought of someone from your past and said "I wonder what happened to _____? Knowing her, she's probably a feminist poet who posts their missives on Youtube, and also helps organize a film festival in a foreign country?"

That's happened to me twice. And this time, I'm actually spot on.

Here to you I present Ms. Rena Sherbill. Former Lady Ace legend, current writer for the Jerusalem Post, film festival coordinator, and Def Poetry aspirant.

Bad. Ass.


Ali said...

are you randomly googling people you know? :)

Pants Wearer said...


If I were just Googling random people I know, don't you think I'd start with hometown people first?

Don't you want to know how Jason McKinney is doing?

Ali said...


The Kinney said...

whoa. Why can't you hook me up with Rena?