Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just because I left doesn't mean I hate you

Boston friends of the Fancy Pants (who also, incidentally, favor stylish trousers) were mildly annoyed about the last post. Here then, as I sit in Wife's childhood bedroom in Pittsburgh, are things that made Boston peachy keen:

1) Dunkin Donuts everywhere. Turns out that not every city needs their donut fix on every block. Now where am I going to get my glazed stick? /cue penis joke

2) The Brookline Booksmith. Support your local independent book store. Find the owner, give him/her a hug. Buy a book. I recommend
Human Smoke: The Beginnings of World War II, the End of Civilization, by Nicholson Baker.

3) Ice cream of all kinds. Frozen Freddy's for the portly and the lactose intolerant, Christina's in Cambridge, White Mountain Creamery in Newton, JP Lick's all over. Almost as many ice cream places as sushi joints. Sucks to Coldstone Creamery. Ice cream is not Japanese grilling - it is not more fun to watch it being made.

4) Red Sox fans. Because hating is fun. And not as easy from far away.

5) Washington Square: the Paris of Brookline. I don't know what it means, but I like an intersection that thinks big.

6) Pubs. Better than bars because they have Guinness on tap. And if you go to The Castle on BU's campus, they'll etch a shamrock into the foamy, perfectly poured head. Hooray for Ireland.

7) Chinatown. Say what you will about Boston's "ladies of the evening," but where else can you see someone getting head in the doorway of the American Cancer Society building?

8) The North End. Because it's always a rush yelling at a large, swarthy, hairy man for cutting in line for a canolli and getting shot because no one raises their voice to Tony the Forehead, mob fixer.

Man's Greatest Hospital. So amazing that every other health service location pales in comparison. Just ask someone who works there, they'll tell you.

10) Worcester. Leicester. Gloucester. Leominster. Peabody. Woburn. Haverhill. Billerica. These are not names of towns; they are shibboleths, they are code words.

11) The ladies of the
WSM. Babes, you taught me that it's ok for some chick to not only speak in public, but to lead a community. Now maybe you girls have earned the right to vote. Or not.

I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting (our friends, other cheesy nonsense) but these are the ones that come to mind.


Yehuda said...

i do have nice trousers, but am i also the homeless guy at starbucks? i must be because i am one of the three readers and as far as i can tell i am neither dad nor grandma. for all you know, that is.
what's with the special font?

Pants Wearer said...

Well, the new layout is because the last one was too Boston, and this is so Pittsburgh, right?

And as for the font, well, Blogger is sometimes a hoot to deal with.