Thursday, March 27, 2008

New updates to the Fancy Pants

You may have noticed some new changes here at the Fancy First, as to the whole reading thing: I put it up there to make me look smart. There. I'm not going to hide it.

Maybe I'll tell you about what I'm reading, maybe not. Maybe I'll do it book report style, with a special cover and everything, done up in crayon, or even PrintShop. Or maybe I'll do nothing, and you'll be left to wonder - did he enjoy Darkmans? What does he think of Pynchon's scatological brilliance? Or maybe you'll just think I'm a wannabe showoff who reads books I don't understand. But you know what? I'm OK with that. And that's how I suckered Wife into marriage, by conning her into thinking I'm all about words and whatnot. So how do you like that knowledge?

The other addition is the links to other web pages. The Fancy Pants seal of approval has been granted to these other sites, because I know they'll never make you feel bad about not having your own blog. Which, by the way, you should totally not feel bad. Blogging, aside from being both a ridiculously lame noun and an ugly, embarrassing verb, is a complete debasement of the English language, almost as bad as text messaging. 

Other than this blog, and the ones on the side. Obviously. So enjoy them.

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Arica said...

So honored to be among your recommended reading. It is like being chosen as the Oprah Book Club title of the month.