Sunday, February 17, 2008

NBA All-Stars - where the Jason Kidd trade happens?

Random thoughts on the NBA All-Star game...

- Interesting which players shine in this game. Obviously there's Kidd and Nash, who drop dimes with loops and curlicues and drops off the backboard. Roy and Paul are just following in their footsteps. James and Howard, who add power to the flair of the 1s. But the Pistons? Wade? Their form serves function and function alone - if there is no real consequence, they're reduced to dutiful layups and 3's.

- Whenever Anthony and James are in the game, they go right at each other. The rivalry is a sight. What are the odds we ever get to see it in the Finals?

- Nowitzki should be on the team, but shouldn't be allowed to play. There is nothing pretty about his game. Even his jumpshot is all Prussion functionality.

- It's fun, and sad, watching guys who've never played with a real point guard flub passes. Roy dropping that bullet inside from Paul? Stoudemire would've held on.

- Chauncey Billups is a matchup nightmare, and a beast on the blocks. It is for these reasons and more that he should join the German Giant on the bench.

- What does Howard have against Yao? Is he playing defense against anyone else?

- Of course James would be well on his way to a triple double by halftime. The only thing I'm more excited to see is whether Paul can get to 20 assists. Lord he's good.

- Allen*, Sheed and Pierce are adding nothing. Wasn't there some sort of jumpshot showcase last night, something about 3-pointers? Sunday night is for slashing and driving, unless you're eight feet behind the line.
* - 4th quarter update: OK, fine, the 3 is compelling. Sometimes.

- Antawn Jamison? Really?

- Is the All-Star Game the essence of liberated fandom? Or a glorified playground game? And is there a difference?

- The problem with Kobe playing his 2 minutes is he killed in its infancy my dream lineup in the West - Nash, Paul, Deron Williams, Iverson, and Roy. What can I say? I'm a dribble and pass kind of guy.

- Would it be more interesting if the league suspended its rules about kicking for the game, just to see what Nash could do?

- Would the game be more fun if they cut out the 3-point line?

- Boozer and Nowitzki, two sides of the same uninspiring coin. Maybe Boozer should take a cue from Karl Malone, his predecessor in the post, and buy an 18-wheeler, maybe develop a cute free-throw shooting ritual.

- Is it too obvious to say that Kevin Garnett is the most vocal dad on his kid's pee-wee football sideline? Is he just as passionate when watching golf?

- Is it too much to ask for the 4th quarter to erupt into a monster Stoudemire - Howard throwdown showdown? I want to see them go one on one every time downcourt, just so I can keep seeing physics upended.

- Has anyone yet established which of the three is the better dribbler, Paul, Nash or Iverson?

- It's fitting to watch Billups school Nowitzki in the 4th quarter.

- Steve Nash has a lazy eye? And I hope to G-d he actually blew his nose in Craig Sager's hankie.

- Shaq's job in Phoenix is to convince Stoudemire that everyone he plays is Dwight Howard.

- Is Paul deliberately not passing to Nowitzki? And can anyone blame him?

- Oh, that's right. Wade = guts. Forgot about that.

- Are they really going to make the All-Star game end with free throws? That's it, 8.2 seconds to go, and I'm going to bed.

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